Yang Dong Geun (Feat. Lee Ha Neul, So Hyang) – Hero (Hero OST)

I who speak to you am hero
I am hero yes who I am

The more you go up, the more you come down
Whether you go up or down, what flies in the end is the innocent dust
I’m Yang Dong Guri, the highest flying eagle with the illlest beak
Win, conquer, dream, 33.19 karot
You’ll get to know how high the sky is, how small you are
Saying it twice would just hurt your lips
A 25 year old aged kimchi, that’s ydg
DGDG and DGDG, bring it bring it, do it

Put back all the past days behind you
I’m short and I’m not good-looking
I don’t make a lot of money
I don’t have a nice care
Just the path that’s given to me is my hero

* Even if no one knows about me (I’m your hero)
Move out of the way world (I’m a hero)
I only need you to notice me (I’m your hero)
From now on, watch over me (I’m your hero)

I said a hiphop the hippie the hippie to the hiphop hoppa ya dont’stop
Can I rock can I rock one time
As I design rhymes devine for your mind
Only Korean K-Pop idols are singers and now hip-hop is an outskirt music
If you’re not an easy idol, then chances are like taking a star out of the sky

Everyday lalalali we like the party
Words become the seed so the sky is about to fall
This old man’s concern is to the extent of this or that
So many worries but this toothless tiger of today is only all talk
Because of my innate, bad attitude, this delinquency always chases after me
This maze-like life isn’t going forward or sideways, it’s going backward
Don’t do hip-hop ghetto, you won’t have a car later
They say make money but I’m far away from that
Push back the past glory days
What I need right now more than words is a big hero

Don’t lie, don’t roll your eyes
I can’t see the healed scars
Because of the veiled reailty, the veiled heart
Just wait for me
Just wait, the hero is coming
You can be excited, I’m your hero

* Repeat

I am hero yes who I am (*4)

credit: pop!gasa

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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