Jung Seung Hwan – Take Care (잘 지내요) Life OST Part 6

Take care, again today
From some point, those words have gotten so easy to say
I didn’t want to reveal my feelings that I didn’t even know of
So now I’m used to hiding them

My memory is always like an old puzzle
So I’m always looking for that one missing piece
My heart is always like an unfinished letter
It always ends with words that aren’t enough

Take care, again today
I said those words after hesitating a bit
I hoped that someone would quietly notice
My tears that welled up at the end

My memory is always like a broken clock
Time always stays at one place, it can’t ever flow
My love is like a lost child somewhere
It’s always waiting for someone at the same place

Actually, I’m afraid
I’m always nervous
That this narrow heart
Will be noticed by someone
Through all the times that I’ve protected myself
I hide myself with the words, I’m alright, again today

Words I really want to hear, words saying that it’ll be alright
Words, I really want to say, words saying, take care
At the end of a long day, words I couldn’t finish saying
They get buried in my day, I’ll be alright again tomorrow

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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