Stray Kids – M.I.A

No matter how hard you try, I don’t think you’re really smiling
Anyone can see you’re feeling awkward, what’s so complicated?
You don’t know though you think you know
Something’s different, I’m looking around you
We went to the amusement park in smile
Made a lot of memories but
Something changed, Something change
My past memories are frozen in time like Neverland
You used to tell me every little thing back then but now I feel distant
I don’t know why, I want to ask you, something’s different
It’s not bad but it’s awkward when I see you
Doesn’t seem like you, I miss you from back then
I’m not used to seeing you changing like this
You’re changing
No matter how hard you try to hide it, I can see everything
Feels like I’m talking to someone else
It feels awkward when I’m with you
Where did your pretty smile go?
You used to smile so easily so I miss it even more
I can see everything, that awkward smile
You used to be so bright so I’m even more worried
I miss you I miss you
You, who used to happily smile
I can see you, I can see it
The you that I used to know that was so bright
What are you thinking about?
Feels like you’re spacing out often these days
Are you even listening to me?
It’s not you, only I can see it through my tired eyes
Your childish simplicity has changed in a matter of a few years
It grew rapidly into complexity, torturing you
Lay down all those excess thoughts
I’m just saying out of worry, why are you glaring at me?
Don’t look at me with that face, with that dark face
If you make that face, will you get an answer?
I don’t want to be scared to look at you
I don’t want to avoid your eyes either
So let’s try to bring back the good days
I want to find the lost days again
I want to turn you back
Your words, your actions, your attitude have all changed
I can’t even remember how you were before
Tell me how you were, I wanna know
You’re changing with time
You know but you acted like you don’t
Tell me what you want babe
Tell me what you want babe
I wanna see you again


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