Stray Kids – Voices

Don’t worry hear the cold voices anymore, I’m covering my ears
But it’s no use, the piercing looks block my way
I’m breaking it all down, all the sources of things that trapped me in darkness and tortured me
I try to escape but there’s no answer till I find the exit
Voices that act like they’re for me but really, they ignore my dreams
I don’t wanna get hurt again so I’m covering my ears and walking on my path
Now they’ve been going around
It’s in my head, making me dizzy, go away hey
Voices that torture me
Make me shout out again
Step out of them voices
I’ll cover my ears and shout out again
Step out of them voices
Break free from the voices in my head
Lingering in my ears
Can’t hear my voices
I hear that sound
It all feels so frustrating
I hear it till the end and I’m covering my ears
Stop, all the sounds that judge me
It annoys me like noisy neighbors
I keep hearing these nagging sounds from some point
It’s noisy, I don’t wanna hear no more
I’m a mess, impossible to save- I won’t ever be deceived by those words
I’m not even curious, it’s so obvious, it’ll just make me yawn each time
Why do you keep talking, the speakers are turning up so your voice turns up too
I don’t care anymore, don’t care no more, just leave me alone
No more, No more, don’t try to change me
No voice, No voice, stop making me so dizzy
Put away all other thoughts, do whatever you want
Don’t be deceived, you know that’s not true, please just do whatever you want
Just stop it now, please
I wanna think simple thoughts
No need to care about everything
There’s so many voices
Step out of them voices
Step out of them voices
There’s so many voices

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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