Mobile App

Attention fellow K-Pop lovers!

pop!gasa is proud and excited to present to you, pop!gasa, the mobile application for the iOS platform! The app will contain many of the excellent features of pop!gasa including:

  • Fast, accurate and high-quality English translation lyrics, Romanization, and original Korean lyrics to the hottest K-Pop music
  • Convenient social media sharing capabilities (Twitter, Facebook, email)
  • Personalizing your K-Pop experience with the “Favorites” feature

and more! All of this is available to you wherever and whenever in your very own iPhone, iPad or iTouch. The application is FREE, only for a limited time! So hurry and download your very ownpop!gasa app at the Apple App Store today!

20 Replies to “Mobile App”

  1. Hey there! Just wanna ask, why don’t you make an app for Android too? I’m using Android and i find it hard to always check an update in the browser. Thank you. ^^


  2. Hey 🙂 I downloaded the app and was looking forward to using it but could you guys please fix up the enter nickname field??? I think it may be because my iPod’s running on iOS 7 but there is no box to enter my nickname which means I can’t access the app… 😥


  3. Similar to issue happened to previous comment.

    Just added the app, but cannot access because it asks for nickname and there is nowhere to input. Please advise.


  4. Hey! I LOVE YOUR APP! and I was also able to learn a lot of korean thanks to it! But it’s down right now and won’t update with the new songs. Can you please fix it?? Thank you!!


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