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Bolbbalgan4 – Imagine (상상)

I’m bored, like a puppy at home alone
Waiting for someone to come
Keeping my ears alert
Laying on my stomach then leaning on the couch Continue reading Bolbbalgan4 – Imagine (상상)


Bolbbalgan4 – Fix Me (고쳐주세요)

I have no energy, I can’t even eat
Walking on the streets with the saddest face in the world
Clouds in my head, there is no sun
The bags under my eyes get darker, what do I do?
Please fix me

Make me love Make me love
Will you smile brightly for me?
Your smile brightens my day
Let me love Let me love, will you like me?
The world is become so precious
woo woo oh make me love you Continue reading Bolbbalgan4 – Fix Me (고쳐주세요)