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Bolbbalgan4 – Dejavu

Monday to Sunday, always busy
Can’t even tell yesterday from today apart
Tomorrow will be the same, once I close my eyes and open again
This is like a Dejavu, like watching a rerun
Only my clothes change but I’m living the same days Continue reading Bolbbalgan4 – Dejavu


Bolbbalgan4 – Travel (여행)

I’m leaving for the airport today
I’m turning off my phone, please don’t look for me
Even if you shout loudly, I can’t help it
I’ll lightly wave my hand bye bye

My youth shined without rest, it was like a dream
Right when I was getting hurt and ruined
I got tired, I went crazy, I’m gonna leave, get out of the way
I fly away Continue reading Bolbbalgan4 – Travel (여행)