g.o.d – Snowfall (눈이 내린다)

Several hours pass, several days pass
But it’s meaningless
I’m just the same but the seasons change
So it comes back to me
That day, the snow that fell on that cold day
Your eyes that were beautiful yet sad
Still flickers before my eyes
Like the white snow

Snow is falling again
Winter is coming again
Everyone is so happy
But why am I the only one like this?
As much as I loved, as much as I miss you
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Paul Kim ft. Park Joon Hyung (g.o.d) – Tunnel

I’ve been trapped inside the car for two hours already
How can it be the same every day?
Lights stacked up in the same place
Can’t see any way to move forward
I wanna cry I wanna cry

This same song has been playing already several times
I’m sick of the radio that I usually listen to
Sighs come out from the jokes
No one can understand my frustration
I wanna cry I wanna cry Continue reading “Paul Kim ft. Park Joon Hyung (g.o.d) – Tunnel”