MC Mong (ft. Kim Tae Woo) – Flower (꽃)

Hey how much does your oppa make a month?
Turn the engine on in that expensive car
That oppa was #1 when it came to events
That oppa still looks the same
My speculation was a rampage
I’m just a giving tree to you
When I make ten, I spend eleven
Gathering everything and feeding you
Don’t worry about the gas money
From now on, I’m gonna act pretentious to you
But don’t keep guys who have no nutrition next to you
I’m gonna go, don’t leave the light on in your room
You get controlled and you demand love
I’m hiding at home, only looking at you
Though I dont know if you’re a flower or a snake
If you’re a god or a damn Continue reading “MC Mong (ft. Kim Tae Woo) – Flower (꽃)”

Son Ho Young – My Weak Point (나의 약점)

It’s always there
I pushed back the gratitude
Because I can thank you whenever I want
In my peaceful days
You were there unnoticeably
Like the tree’s shadow outside the door

Delusions on what was special
Misunderstandings on familiarity
Like breathing, you were my air
You were my cushion on hard days
You were my honey water on drunken days
You were someone I couldn’t live without
But what did I give to you? Continue reading “Son Ho Young – My Weak Point (나의 약점)”