Chi Chi – Love Is Energy

I can’t wait a single day, I just stare at my phone
I can’t wait a single minute, I only think of you
Those eyes that don’t know how I feel
It drives me crazy

Obviously, you have shaken me up
Where are you looking?
You have no expression or answer on whether I’m your girl
But still, you’re my energy, my breathtaking synergy
You don’t know that you’re the man who will protect each day of the rest of my life

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Psy – Korea

Our things, our taste, the precious things are alive
If I have taken out my sword, at least slice up some radish
If I don’t see the end, I tremble with anger
Even if you get far from your dream,
Don’t ever get sad and just run – you’re still young

It’s not over until it’s over
They do it till the end, Korean people

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Kim Tae Hyung (of EDEN) – Like The First Time (처음처럼) I Do I Do OST

At some point, we get tired of each other
We turn back from the same road and close the eyes of our hearts

What’s so great about longing? Though it hurts, I draw you out
Only memories of us together flow through my head

* Can you imagine me without you?
You know that if it’s not you as my love, I can’t go on
Can’t you hug me, who is watching you turn away?
Just like the first time

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SISTAR – Holiday

If I’m ready I’ma go so throw your hands up
I’m on my holiday I’ll come and get ya
Double kick music and now with SISTAR
Now let them do their thing let’s go!

A feel good, good morning, the long awaited D-Day
A dilemma of what I should wear, so annoying
I’m a holic holic, I’m shopaholic
I don’t like anything

Pop it rock it work it drop it

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