Yoon Eun Hye, Park Han Byul, Cha Yae Ryun, Yoo In Na – M.B.M. – My Black Mini Dress (마.블.미. – 마이 블랙 미니드레스)

Hey beautiful girl
Wear those high heels and straighten your back
Take out your dusty mini dress and wear it
Confidently, strongly walk on the street
You are truly a lovely girl

The you who worries before doing something-
Put that person away in your desk drawer for today
Confidently, strongly, greet-
“Did you have lunch today?”

* Follow your heart- everything will be okay
Follow the time, follow the season-
Just walk with it

Make reservations at the most elegant restaurant for dinner
Chat up a storm with your friends
And forget all the complicated and annoying things
Tomorrow, the sun will come up again

* repeat

Hey beautiful girl
Your flowing mini dress
Draws a great picture as it dances on the street
Only happy things, good things will happen
You are a dreaming lovely girl
You are always a lovely girl
Lovely girl


TVXQ – Rumor

When you decided to live only for me
Don’t say things you don’t mean- why are you avoiding me
Don’t ask about the rumors floating around
Upon hearing them, I just laugh
How can you do this just by others words?

Strike one- whoever I meet
Strike two- wherever I go, whatever I do
Strike three- whatever I get into- just listen to me
All the falsely put together truths are bloated lies

* I’m thirsty for your heaven-like love
Look into my two eyes and trust me- don’t say goodbye
Your words are rumors (too much)
Rumors about me (when I only have you)
The interesting rumor (please forget them)
The made-up rumor

I will never change when I have you, who is so fragrant
But you are nervous, regardless of what I say
Don’t be swayed by other people’s views
It’s always you for me

Step one- put your hand on my heart
Step two- softly lock eyes with me
Step three- close your ears for a moment and feel the truth
They are just sounds of jealousy
Besides you, no one can come and open my heart

* repeat

Don’t put that difficult expression on your face
My heart will hurt and be in danger
I will put on a smile on your face

In this hotly beating heart- in this heart
The overflowing passion, the passion makes the love
But at somepoint it started to fade
Do you know my heart toward you?
Please fold up all the littlest doubts
Please come back to me
Will you accept me now?

* repeat (x2)

LeeSsang (Feat. Bizzy, B-Free) – Am I?

I’m a hopeless romantic- enjoying music, alcohol and sex
Those feelings are expressed in these lyrics- my life is great
My biggest principle in life is “f**k it”
There’s no need to be disappointed- it’s a tough life anyway
Money and fame are nice but I won’t go after them- I won’t be deceived
I will never be a coward- if I can’t climb the tree, I can’t see it
I’m not a fly guy but I sell music well- because it’s a valuable life
My future’s brighter- impromtu rap, freestyle rap
Starting then, I just let my life go with the flow

* (Walking on the path) I will stack up my dreams
(I’m usually) living in my own style
(Tell me) what is my dream
My music, poetry- that’s all I need
(Walking on the path) I will stack up my dreams
(I’m usually) living in my own style
(Tell me) what is my dream
My family, my love- that’s all I need

There’s always thousands of worries in my head
But I only go the way I need to go
Who’s to blame in this place?
I’ll be left all alone anyway

A-yo, I write my dream every night in my lyrics
I soak my thoughts in future worries
Even if the storm of destiny choses for me
The foolish waves keep shaking my life
If there is a wise person in the middle, it’s hard to tell
Society decides on one type of image for men
If they are against it, I run the other way
This city is filled with thousands of apartment walls
I can’t escape- the people’s graveyard
My mother’s words are deep
She tells me to lower myself and be careful of this cruel world

* repeat

My own worth is uncomparable
But I only go the way I need to go
Who’s to blame in this place
I’ll be left all alone anyway

My footsteps were fast so I lost many things
These days, I come to regret
As much as I anticipated, I was disappointed
But I still can’t stop- I don’t want to sit down
I cut my fingernails to get rid of today’s dirtiness
I press down my hat so my emotions will be hidden
Even if it’s hard, I tie my shoelaces
And I go into the out-of-breath life and breathe and step
I don’t remember the dreams that I wanted so much
So I put on a bitter smile and live each day
This is my way of living in this world
If I walk like this, maybe I’ll come across an opportunity

* repeat

Trax – Goodbye Lover (송인)

You’re so bad- how can you just leave me?
I’m sad, I’m sad- I don’t like it
When my tears dry and I’m all alone
So what would you say if I just followed you?

Time passed and it’s time that I heal but
It hurts and it hurts- the scars form

In that place where you left and linger
Even the miserable traces of my life that remain-

* Take it all- now just leave
I beg for you to leave but why are you smiling inside of me
Why are you torturing me- you know me
I’m a fool and you’re not by my side

I hope you will erase me from above too
I erase and erase but the memories keep smearing
And I can’t take it anymore
So even the last images of your smile-

* repeat

All the past times, our memories
Become pain that digs deeper
Let’s stop now- please let me go

If you loved me, please help me
I try to erase your name so I can get more comfortable
Did you love me that much? Do you still love me?
Let’s meet at the far away place now

4men – Love Tonight

* Leave it to me for the hot party tonight
Just trust me for a hotter love tonight

I will send off your friends first for sure
I will put your brother to sleep first for sure
You can turn off your phone for a little while
Because I will be responsible for tonight

After everyone falls asleep, let’s party
young from the go to the club back home sweet home
Empty your glass, press hard on your phone and turn it off
With the atmosphere for this night, fall into me
I’ll take you, don’t worry

* repeat

Keep this as a secret to your parents
Tell your brother that you’re going to bed early
Tell your friend that it’s just an oppa you know
Because I will be responsible for tonight

When the sun sets, it gets dark
You ask “oppa what’s up” but if you act suspicious, it’ll be obvious
There’s an angry male voice in the background
Hmm, that’s a boyfriend- just tell him it’s a friend and calm down
Be cool and turn around the conversation and ask how he is- like baby

* repeat

What you gonna do I just want you love is true
I love you so need you but love is only wanna do
What you gonna do I just want you love is true
I love you so need you my love

* repeat (x2)