CN Blue – Hey You

Crazily, alone – crazily, only you
If loving you was wrong
Then no, no, this really isn’t it
Dudu Durudu Love again

Every day, every day – dubab dubab – I walk
I walk the streets we used to walk together
Once again Back again ge ringer ringer ringer ring
Day by day, Monday Tuesday, better day –
I try to comfort myself, saying that I will smile again
But to me, it’s only you

* Goodbye darling hey you oh my darling hey you
I love you to death – please come back to me
Because I love you, because only you know
One more time, love forever

** Duruduru durudu Blah blah Duruduru durudu No no
Once again back again Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful one day
Duruduru durudu Blah blah Duruduru durudu No no
Don’t leave me, who loves you

Alone like a fool, like a mindless fool
I loved and loved you – I guess you got tired of me
You speak of separation, telling me to go, to go
Dudu durudu Love again

Again today, I – dubab dubab – sing
I sing the song we used to listen to together
Once again Back again ge ringer ringer ringer ring
When the night passes – Monday Tuesday, better day
I promise myself that I will forget but
To me, it’s only you

* repeat

** repeat

G-g-good bye darling uh, oh oh oh
my darling you yeah yeah yeah I ready now

I’m telling you that it hurts, I’m telling you that I can’t
Say oh-e-oh oh-e-oh Say no no no no no no
Tell me why Hey you

Goodbye darling
hey you oh my darling hey you
My love wants you, my heart wants only you
The happy days, the days I long for –
I want to go back – love together

** repeat


Park Eun Bin – Small Love Story (작은 사랑이야기) Operation Love OST

Last night, if I would’ve kept thinking about my dream
If I kept looking at the mirrow, if I kept looking at the clock
Then someone else would have already took the spot in your heart

Even the stories of forest princesses and princes
Are envious of the fate in the movies

* Stop trying to look good, stop pretending to be serious
Just remember the smile on your bright face
If you see a princess from a fairy tale yet again today
As if you’re nervous, with a kind smile, go and kiss her
Don’t hesitate, she’s already waiting for you in your dreams

The day I looked forward to
The day that I waited for
The day that came out of my dreams

* repeat

DIA – Speed Dial Number 1 Key (단축번호 1번)

The day we broke up, I was determined that I wouldn’t ever love again
That I would never do such a painful love like this

The day you left, I threw it all away, all the traces of the memories we had together
Now I don’t even shed any tears because it’s so hard

* You’re still the shortcut number 1 key, because I can’t erase your number
You’re still the shortcut number 1 key, because of my foolish lingering attachments
I keep trying to erase but I can’t
Because your empty seat is so big, eventually tears fill it up

I really thought I’d get better, I thought time would heal
I try to smile, I try to pray but there’s no use

* repeat

Though I hate you and despise you, my longing for you is greater
Without even knowing, I keep calling you

You’re still the shortcut number 1 key, because you might come back
I still can’t do any other love because you are under the same sky
I can’t replace you with anyone else, because you are my everything
I can’t stand a day without you

So I fill it up with tears

Eru – Dda Ra Ra (따라라)

Please give me an answer – you’re so good with funny stories
Why are you only saying you’re sorry and not anything else?
Those lips that told me you’d love me forever
Now they say bad words of, “just forget everything”

* Pour the alcohol, pour it instead of the love that wasn’t filled
After I drink it, only sad tears will form but
Let’s get drunk, let’s get drunk because I’m a fool that can’t even love
So that I won’t ever wake up again, fill up my glass

Did you forget it all already, all the happy moments?
I try to erase but I keep thinking of you so I cry again like a fool
With those two warm hands that affectionately held my hands
Now they push me away, telling me to go away

* repeat

No matter how drunk I get, I can’t erase you
I’m sorry, I love you, can’t you come back to me?

* repeat

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