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Bumkey – All The Days You Breathe (숨쉬는 모든 날) Suspicious Partner OST

It was just beautiful
We were so happy
I felt that I was alive and breathing
I could call those times a miracle

It was so warm
That it made my eyes close
In the world you created
I’m longing for you every time I breathe Continue reading Bumkey – All The Days You Breathe (숨쉬는 모든 날) Suspicious Partner OST


Bumkey (feat. Beenzino) – Surprise

girl this is for you
This secretly set up table
Also with a small present
The white snow has covered the world
Even the stars in the night sky

yeah this song is for you
The glamorous night view babe
Even this song right now
But if it’s not you, there’s no melody
baby you mean everything to me Continue reading Bumkey (feat. Beenzino) – Surprise

Hanhae (Phantom) feat. Bumkey – Cloud (구름)

I Said
“The hyungs tell me, you’re good but you have no color”
It’s only been three months since that happened
But suddenly, now I have color
It’s a shock, once I got on TV, I got color when I didn’t before
Interviews and even advertisements
Talking like I’m someone who can change up the scene
On the subway, this lady told me I was humble for using public transportation
Yeah, I’m thankful for everyone
I didn’t used to react to words like that but now I admit
I guess this is really happening
My mom, dad and sister, they’re all so happy
My friends tell me, you bastard buy us drinks
But why is it that I’m becoming calmer?
Where am I right now? Continue reading Hanhae (Phantom) feat. Bumkey – Cloud (구름)

Chancellor & Bumkey – Son E Ga (손이 가)

Wont you define why
my hands go wild
The moment we touch, I feel it
I can’t deny got
my hands goin’ wild
I’m falling for you

I wake up in the morning,
I think about you
Baby boo you’re my honey,
nobody but you
Your melody only whispers to me
That story yeah
I wanna play with you
I wanna play you like an instrument, 24/7
I don’t care, black or white (no no)
I don’t care, black or white Continue reading Chancellor & Bumkey – Son E Ga (손이 가)