Chancellor, Jay Park, Lee Hi, Jamie, BIBI, MOON, Bumkey, Samuel Seo, SURAN, ELO, Babylon, Hoody, Sumin, MRSHLL, Ann One, twlv, oceanfromtheblue, Jiselle, SOLE, Thama, K.vsh, Jinbo, jerd, Soovi, B.E.D, Xydo, Owell Mood, NONE – AUTOMATIC REMIX

You know we had to do a remix for this one
It’s official
This is
This the mutha fuckin’ remix baby

Shawty take a ride you a bad bitch
Back it up right here
Lamborghini door suicide
Red raris on the floor
Make a bitch AUTOMATIC
Your body is already AUTOMATIC
Your touch, my drip, AUTOMATIC
It rises on its own
Doing it without saying anything
I make a bitch AUTOMATIC

[Jay Park]
Baby link up
U know it’s AUTOMATIC
Let me do u like a savage
I be in a casket
Cause yo looks kill
So let me get a taste
I’m sure ur bored with these other guys
It’s no surprise
So put it on me
just feel the tides all up on your body
Soaking wet I’ll leave you

[Lee Hi]
We like the same kind of tastes
I like it lick it like
The driver keeps looking back at us
Stealing glances, just ride
Tell me you want me, my shoulders, knees, toes
‘O’ daddy daddy wanna slap my ass
Twitch of the finger, come closer
When I go ahh, you go uhh
You’re so hard, you’re so naughty
Full course meal umm umm yummy
Those regulated reactions are even hotter
We don’t stop, we do it standing like machines
Once, twice, then I lost count
All night (skrr skrr)
Handprint and good grips
The mustang we’re riding is overheating

She moves like she’s on motorcycle
Give her lil pow pow on her baby maker
I’ll making your oil explode
You’re going crazy with ecstasy
One zero one
She’s being automatic
No way to stop
Bitch I’m magnetic
When I go fast, you fly up
Your range is shorter than a super board
If you thought I was short, it’s your loss
You’ll come to play in my hands
I’m pretty lil ching but im loco
And you start vibrating like AUTOMATIC

You lucky lucky to see
An asian girl this tatted
This girl has her personal magic
When you’re home
Boys see me they fuckin panic
Wallets open when they hear my voice, AUTOMATIC
Quick bitch please
I’m the one to fuckin deal
They say I’m going to the top top already
They say Jamie, you changed, you changed
The only time you get laid
When there’s packs of money
The only thing that changed is your perspective
Feeling like it’s unfair?
Bad sons keep crying
Stop whining Bish stop

Come and take a ride with a bad bitch
Imma work it up till here
Drop the top down whatever it is
Wherever I am, bitches know who I be
I’m a savage
All of you is AUTOMATIC
That coupe that juice AUTOMATIC
It rises on its own
You know even if I don’t say anything
I make a **** AUTOMATIC

Don’t you know?
I can do this thing all the time
Here I come
From 05 to now, I still put it down
If you don’t know, better do your homework
Mess with a OG like me it’s real thing
I’ll take you there
Cause I can take you way up high

V twins and AUTOMATICS
883 the exhaust goes wild
So you wanna be
Playa playa
I only write good tone tracks
Igniting the HD under the palm trees
Under the sounds, “TWO WHEELS FOR LIFE”
Ride with me, no discrimination
Across the horizon
Winding that throttle wild
On behalf of the misfits
I’m changing
This verse be the proof
My paths are clear
You see my

Dreamin fallin in fantasy til I’m so high
Your lips naturally spit out my melody
Dreamin fallin in fantasy until I’m so high
It controls you, my vibe
What you waiting for oh oh
Yea, I’m free, super fly always
Positive positive
Back up on ma real shit (yea)
What you waiting for oh oh
Don’t need to wait, I’m first in line
Ready set AUTOMATIC check
Now I’m taking off

Let me take that ass home, tell me when you’re ready
The engine is on, valet is already outside
Even if I don’t say it, I know you heard my name (BABYLON)
I can tell just by looking at your eyes
You’re like a machine, you a auto
Faster, faster, make it clap
Girl you look good real good won’t you back that
Heating up all night
Dangerous cause she AUTOMATIC

Hold up
After our eyes meet
Hold up
The moment our hands touch
We’re already melting into each other
Feeling like we’ve become one

I’m getting drunk, I wanna go to you
Just touching, just touching
So you don’t know what to do
Trying to overpower you to confuse you
If you wake me up ambiguously
I might loudly bite you and leave
If you ask me where I’m from, I don’t know
Cuz I don’t even know where I came from
But why’s that important?
What’s important is where I am now
If you wanna see what I’m seeing
And do what I’m doing
Stick close to me
Stick close to me, stick to me
I don’t care if you’re just a friend
Or if things get hotter

Told you I’m going down
No need to mess around
Yes, baby, trust me
I can shave it all off for you
I’ll be your private eye
Every need be satisfied
Wap wap licky licky right there
Wap wap licky licky right there
Don’t be too shy
Beautiful ones we know
What what you do to me
Make me ooh yeah wanna breathe
Wildin out for you
What? let’s all enjoy the ride

Can’t tell me nothing
Alone in love is nice
But no matter what
I like it when I’m with you the best

I’m back on the microphone
With R&B, I know what you want
I make it look easy
So easy like do re mi uh do re mi
Ay Chancellor you got my back homie
Start the engine, vroom, it’s time to go
Zooming past the idiots who can’t ride the flow
So smooth on this track
No one can follow me, let’s work
I’m all warmed up now, let’s work
Driftin’, driftin’ that S course
Don’t know where I’ll go but I’ll keep going till the end
Let’s get retarded
I know what you want
I know what you want even more
Move bitch get out the way
Get out the way, get out the way
Don’t need to talk, yeah you already know
This shit is AUTOMATIC

Yeah When I skrt skrt on the Rodeo they be like AUTOMATIC
I have the magic to move her from your side to mine
I make her drip drip drip, watch out for me
At the blink of an eye, we’re at the hotel lobby
I put a key in my AUTOMATIC
The exhaust sounds like a bad bitch
Giddy up giddy up your engine
Don’t stop, I wanna see you flexin
Raise the speed, I can see the end of this race
She swerve on me as if it’s so natural
Dance under the starry ceiling
Black ghost make a bitch AUTOMATIC

Oceanfromtheblue yeah that’s me
There’s no time, I won’t take my clothes off
I may be small but my presence is big
Once you leave, you’ll feel my missing spot
Don’t need a guide
Yeah this is free style
The verses I spit out without thought
Make them come to me, getting ready for the next step
I’m so AUTOMATIC when you do
And I hope you do too
For my baby I’ll do anything
And I hope you do too
I’m so wavy not be lazy
For my baby trust me
I’m working for her these days
Can’t see what’s next
No way you can see
What’s the next for me

Too much talk for me
Want you to shut up for me
Fuck that fantasy
Whatever you wanna do, do it on me
If u aint about that bad bitch
You wouldnt be looking for me
Step on the pedal
No way we’re gonna stop
As if you already know me
As if we’re dancing
We goin acrobatic

I love the power
When I’m on top, I can see right through you
I’ll always embrace you with love
Every day, I’m full of love
Look far ahead, this is a game
I have everything they want
Yes that’s right babe
You wanna come inside?
Let’s be wise
I won’t be too serious, it’s AUTOMATIC
Just have fun
Baby just take a bite

We talk more than we feel tho
But damn sixth sense ain’t a thing to trust
Girl I’ll give time for you to relax
Ain’t no bitch can surpass you a lady
For the lights that are turning off, thunder (volt)
I can hear all the back talk, don’t you shut up
We need love and the peace and
Whatever, nothing’s wrong, just for a moment
Baby won’t you lose that smile
It ain’t for the gram
It’s just a game
Why don’t you play? yeah

5 o’clock in the morning
After time, hopefully peaceful nights will come
Everyone’s asleep
Let’s leave without anyone knowing
Well Well, Bump like odell
When everyone’s sleeping, at the hotel lobby
We’re being super quiet
I’m inviting you up before the night is over
Timeless tales You’re too far away
From me it is Rapunzel
I may seem easy but I’m not
I acted like I was
12 o’clock it’s 12 o’clock
There’s no way to find no way to find us
Come ride me, just follow me
Hurry, without anyone knowing

I’ve been givin rides to the bad bitches
From her head to her toes, they all fine creatures
Staring at my tongue, you all are lane switchers
Was wet but now dry swishers
Hurry and get on
I think you’re thirsty
It’s getting hot and sweaty
Takes some beads and take it off
Like it’s mardi gras
Feels good to ride AUTOMATIC
You make me AUTOMATIC
Ummm baby I’m a tesla autopilot
No sound but innovative

We’re unraveling both our lives
I tease your ears with music
It’s too much to go outside
So put in the earphones
And close your eyes please
If this music makes you feel like you’re ridin’
I’ve half succeeded
This is like driving along Han River
Wearing new Nikes, um I like this
Curious what people do for fun
I hope this melody is medicine for your heart
I hope this melody wakes you up
I hope our music creates peace
Many things will change for us, man

Negative vibe, put it aside
Shout out to the ones
Who have rolled the dice
We be ballin’never be fallin’
I’mma go chase only good end
Got your back we got mutual trust in
Wanna swim in deeper waters
Wanna swim in deep waters
Think it’s funny
How you always be complaining
All you do is wait for the moment
Gotta hit your own scheme like
Boom boom pow
If you run away it’s a goodbye ciao

Your body is dangerous, it’s speeding quickly above me, you crash it
Dangerous, dangerous, I don’t mind
Long as she got a bag I’ll smash it
Wherever it is, I’ll smash it
Even in the car, I’ll smash it
Brake for the pussy I park it
Then beat it up Mike Tyson

Shawty we ain’t got no time
There’s no time, hurry and get on
I’m sitting down on the bed, we keep going
All night, 24/7, stay up all night
There’s still a long way to go
Baby Imma pop your body
Your waistline under the lights
Drive me crazy, even the sound of your rough breathing
I’m feeling your vibe
You feeling my vibe
Oh I make a bitch AUTOMATIC

Baby want you to
Come up with that for me
I’ll act like I don’t know, secretly whisper to me
You can drive up all night
Till you wear out
I’ll take you anywhere
Naturally, AUTOMATIC
But what follows is that manual shit
I don’t like being fast
I like stick analog more than Auto
Your body is slowly shaking
Open the window cuz it’s about to get hot

Hey baby in da coupe
Keep push it, longer
Don’t stop it baby
Till you can touch your toes
Hey give me that loop
I may seem dangerous but I’m with my whole crew
The speed keeps being dramatic
Get ready and get set go
Uno dos and tres and four
Let me know what you waiting for
Don’t mess it up ready and get set go
So they can’t follow us from behind
Yeah we gotta don’t stop
I know, we’re dangerous right now
We ain’t playing around

Newly make up, get up, wake up
Flip it over, you know, we know
Draw a line, yeah, expand the area
So old fashioned wave, let it flow
Honestly, it’s all old shit
New thing Show NONE rise up
Spread the rumor, who am i? NONE babe
Listen other play
Respect other fame

I make a bitch AUTOMATIC
Shawty take a ride you a bad bitch
Back it up right here
Lamborghini door suicide
Red raris on the floor
Make a bitch AUTOMATIC
Your body is already AUTOMATIC
Your touch, my drip, AUTOMATIC
It rises on its own
Doing it without saying anything
I make a bitch AUTOMATIC

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