CODE KUNST ft. Lee Hi – XI

Love is never like the movies I get it
It’s like the curtains closed but it never ends
Your rough words, your dirty bed
I remember them as if I long for them

This love was like disgusting cigarette smoke
I hated how you calmly blew it out
Love is like a pack of cigarettes yeah it kills me
But fxxk that I need you right now Continue reading “CODE KUNST ft. Lee Hi – XI”


Yoo Jae Suk & Dok2 (ft. Lee Hi) – Like (처럼) Infinite Challenge: The Great Legacy

The reason the heavens set a king
Was not to give power to one person over all people
Or to make him greedy
What ruins this country
Is not the invasion of outside forces
But it’s the injustice and corruption of the powerful
All of the public sentiment about this
There’s nothing wrong
They can kill me
But they can’t stop these footsteps
We’re walking, we’re spreading
Raise your fists to the air, write the name of history
Small strength that isn’t small in number, becomes one
Candlelights gather, burning as a bigger fire
Awakening myself that has hidden and fallen asleep
Learning again from those who have fought for this nation Continue reading “Yoo Jae Suk & Dok2 (ft. Lee Hi) – Like (처럼) Infinite Challenge: The Great Legacy”