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Seung Kwan (Seventeen) – What Kind Of Love (어떤 사랑) Mother OST Part 5

Don’t ask me for that person’s secret
Just that one heart and one look
That’s all you need to know

The day I first met you and smiled
I knew the star was always there

If I ever leave you and gain the world
I know I would never be happy Continue reading Seung Kwan (Seventeen) – What Kind Of Love (어떤 사랑) Mother OST Part 5


Seventeen – Falling For U

Coffee in one hand, earphones in one ear
Walking through the wind as it passes through our fingers
Sharing ordinary habits with me
Someone to hold me when I’m down

I hoped that kind of person would exist
But that person is right here

Should I talk to you or not? I thought for a while
Thoughts keep getting tangled in my head
I was going to drink this coffee with you
Now I’ve already emptied my second cup Continue reading Seventeen – Falling For U


Seventeen – Run To You (지금 널 찾아가고 있어)

Holding back my tears, hiding my fear
I will go to you

I was about to sleep but I woke up from thinking of you and went outside
I was walking but started running just like my heart

Even though I don’t know where you are
I’m following the compass of my heart Continue reading Seventeen – Run To You (지금 널 찾아가고 있어)


Seventeen – Thinkin’ About You

Who are you to me? (What kind of existence)
I kept thinking and thinking

At this sudden thought (Thinkin’ about you)
I couldn’t stop thinking about it, oh oh

For reasons I don’t know
I keep looking for you in my dreams
Thinkin’ about you (About you) Yeh Continue reading Seventeen – Thinkin’ About You