JYJ – You’re

After not being able to sleep, I open my eyes and see
Beneath my wet hair from the night, my pillow…
Let’s end it now (let’s end it now)
Will you please let me go now?
Last night I only recalled pain
Even the sound of rain, beating on me
Let’s end it now (let’s end it now)
Can’t you love me anymore?

I trap myself deeply within the sad memories
And I just chase after shadows
I want to love again

* And I am going to the right way for you
I will run over there to the end of the sky
Even though I lose my precious memories
I will earn a new future

** So I can repay you for your love
That fills up to the ends of the horizon
I will protect you
Yes can’t exchange this with anything else
You and I and everyone- because we’re one

The coffee aroma that tickles my nose
The whiffling spring breeze and the scent of flowers
Are gretting me (are greeting me), are smiling at us
Yes, while drinking the dew that comes after long nights
The mere freshness of the grass will make us happy

* repeat

** repeat

You’ve been hiding behind the cloud and crying
Now confidently straighten up and face the world
You can hear the roar of the crowds

When our warm dreams are getting farther away- blackout darkness
Then there was only a path going down that remained
Life had lost its basics and worth
Right then, you held our hands tightly
You helped us find our smiles again
You helped us find strength to jump higher than anyone else

* repeat

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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