NCT Dream – Dear DREAM

My careless heart has now woken up
Now I see this song
I want to hurry and know how to thickly color it in
So it won’t fade when I look back later
I don’t need to know already
I still can’t believe it yet
But like looking out a car window
Looking like a blur, things are moving so fast
Suddenly, we’re following the speed of the car
But actually, it feels like I’m stuck in the past
Those times always remain as those times
Hope it never fades out

With unfamiliar looks, if we go our separate ways
Some day, we will meet eyes
Even in the silence, our voices will meet
We always worry about each other like that
Remember, we are in touch
Always the same time, the same place
We were always together
But there are words I couldn’t say because I had no courage

Just don’t forget this
On a night far ahead in the future
There’s gonna be a star that comforts you
That will be me

With a greatness that no one else can comprehend
You exist in my heart
I’ll be your home
Ooh-oooh I’ll be your home

I’ll bring you
I’ll take you back
I know it’ll remain as a memory
There is regret and sadness that remains
Longing that I felt day and night
I know, time will tell
You know, keep walking, follow the light
You are someone’s dream, don’t forget
I’m always by your side, you must know that

Sometimes, I think, when reality is like a dream
Always worrying about those seagulls that smiled for us
Same boat but different ocean
I’ll always be a lighthouse you can lean on
Yeah this is fate and that’s a fact
When things are too hard, I’ll be your green light
Place those happy thoughts in your heart and tell me
Feel like what
We gon stay

Do you remember what I said?
A long time ago, every night
I saw a compass in my dream
Now I know it’s you

After time passed
I see how big you were to me
You are such a great strength
I’ll be your home
Ooh-oooh I’ll be your home

This is only one part of the whole thing
You can write this down, here’s a bookmark
It’s more natural to let things go with the flow
But I don’t want this to sound like we’re about to depart
If I ever get lost
I tried not to be obvious
Imma call back
Don’t forget my tone that calls you
Whenever you call me, it’ll always be like it was
Hope we always feel like

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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