Super Junior (Feat. f(x)) – Oops

So ladies, I know y’all feel me
Them boys are always be bluffin
Tryin to feel like they’re the man
Trying to be in control
Thinkin they’re always right
But they just don’t get it

* How can you make that kind of joke- Look at this guy
 Can someone please block their bragging
They’ve started again- as soon as they open their mouths, they go all out

Stop it oops, oops
They’re saying oops oops

Now, we’re going to start- please give a round of applause
No matter what anyone says, my visuals are in the higher 1% level- number one
I’m labeled as a visual singer
When I’m on TV, girls watch the real-time broadcast
Are you watching- Choi Siwon?
Just one day, just one day, I want to hear that I’m good-looking
Because I hear that I’m good-looking every single day
Don’t leave comments that say I live off of my face
(I have singing skills that shadow my looks)
Oh yeah- I shall make you kneel with just my face

* repeat

Stop it oops, oops
They’re saying oops oops
Stop it oops, oops
They’re saying oops oops

Stop saying useless things
Here are the keys, now go get my car
My car is a super car that you’re jealous of
Our home is in LA, Las Vegas, Hollywood
Hawaii, Maldives, even Dubai
We travel even if there aren’t any planes
How? Because my car can fly- fly to the sky
The car wash is taking too long so I buy a new one
I can’t charge my card so I just buy a car
I just buy it, just buy it
My car is a roaring car that you guys roar about
Yo valet parking, I’m asking you
Hey, Mr.Simple

Oops boy, I’m just scoffing at you
Oops boy, what a Pinocchio
Oops boy, These guys are so cocky- oh yeah

Bring the GPS system and get in, you might need it
My house is so big, it even has a missing child poster
Park Ji Sung is here, I’m getting soccer lessons
This is a dinosaur leather jacket- it was hard to get
The thing that just passed by was my pet cheetah
His name is Caesar- my mom’s chimpanzee
(Do you like coffee?) Follow me, I’ll show you
Take a sampler from my americano field if you’re thirsty
Oops, oops, oops

Hey, you little fishies- listen to my story
Whatever I say will happen and the world will change anew
1 + 1 is 3 and 1 – 1 is 100
White people turn into black people and black people turn yellow
I don’t like racism, don’t like it
I don’t like the law of gravity, or the continental drift theory
How can the whole world be one piece of land?
My words are the truth- the law of the entire world
I’m the president of the girls- Leeteuk

* repeat

Stop it oops oops (haha)
They’re sayin oops oops
Oops, oops (2 years)
Oops (I’ll be back)

The great star of the universe’s cockiness, showing off, starts
There really isn’t another Pinocchio like me
I shine- my appearance- blooms flowers- my seductive body frame
I don’t look at girl’s faces, I’m better
My phone rings all night
You’re my girl on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
She’s my girl on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays
“Oppa take me too” ok- on Sunday
Okay fine, you’re my type- glamorous
Clingy girls are no fun
I always pack lunch when I go on a field trip

Hyung, but you’re really not joking (kidding!)

* repeat

Stop it oops oops
They’re sayin oops oops
Stop it oops oops


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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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