Big Bang – Love Dust (사랑먼지)

My friend talked about you
When he said you looked good, I got pointlessly angry
Maybe I still wanted you to suffer because of me

These days, without knowing, I sing the songs we used to listen to together
On days like this when I’m locked in old memories,
On nights when I miss you for no reason

I was too young back then
Love was hard so I tried to avoid you
It was too much pressure for me and so I was unhappy
So eventually, I made you cry

* When today passes, you will disappear like dust – what is love?
If I look sad, my tears are like smoke, like dancing smoke

** Tomorrow, my day will start like nothing is wrong and I will forget you
I’ll just remain here, smiling, as I pray that you will be happy

Do you remember the day we first met?
Innocent smiles filled with Sauvignon Blanc
My submission to you without reason
Sometimes, our strong clashes
When separation became our fate-like reality, my last wrath

I hear stories from the radio that I agree with
It’s exactly how I feel right now
I wonder if the story was sent by you as I fall asleep
Time passes so fast – I wonder if you’re doing well

I was too young back then
Love was hard so I tried to escape
Eventually it was too much pressure so I became unhappy
Although now it’s too late

* repeat

** repeat

If we ever run into each other on the streets
I hope we will look happy as we smile, each with a different person
So long

* repeat

** repeat

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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