MBLAQ – Ghost (We Used To Love) (유령 (같이 사랑했잖아)) Ghost OST


In case you greet me sometimes from behind
In case you say you’re sorry and cry sometimes
If you fall asleep with the memories of us being together
I pray that only the good memories will be with you

* We used to love together, we used to hurt together
Not anyone else but you gave up on me, we used to be together
Look at me crying and hurting after you left like that
Yes, I am carefully calling you once again

Like me, who sometimes randomly laughs
Like me, who sometimes goes blank
If I get locked up in the times I spent with you for a moment
I pray that I can see you like when you used to be by my side

* Repeat

(The memories of us together keep lingering around me
Only my heart gets deceived at thoughts of you
A world without you is so narrow – I feel like I will go crazy like a fool)
I shout out, don’t let go again, don’t let go again
We used to love together

We used to promise together, we used to be happy together
You, who loved not anyone else but me, used to be with me
Look at me waiting for you even when I was hurting after you left
Yes, a little while afterwards, I am calling out to you by myself


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