BEAST – Dream Girl

You came to me like a dream –
A dream-like happiness, sweet as honey
You possessed me (as we were together), I was always nervous

I’m afraid that if I wake up, everything will disappear before my eyes
My heart was uneasy, and I was nervous for all this time

* It hurts because I have you, my dream girl
Every single day and night, without a specific time or place
You’re like a thorn (and you come into my arms) even though I know I’ll be scarred

** You’re my dream girl and I can’t stop
More and more, more and more, I’m falling for you baby

I feel like I will melt so quickly – you’re hotter than the sun
Your scent spreads all over my body like poison – is this what an addiction is?

I can’t escape you, I can’t deny you
It feels like I’m imprisoned by you

* Repeat

** Repeat

Girl, you’re so hypnotizing, you shake me up here and there
In front of me, you’re like a sharp flower, a rose
You’re so beautiful, it feels like I’m going blind
Woo Woo Woo You know that I love you, I love you
Woo Woo Woo You know that I’ll always be with you

* Repeat

** Repeat


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