BoA – The Top

I’m nervous, I’m nervous about your heightened status
Your wriggling tippy-toeing makes me sad
Higher, higher, someone steps higher and someone gets stepped on

Have you heard that no one is above that?
No one may know this – only those who have flied high may know

(Breathtaking tightroping) Breathtaking tightroping, a place for the crowned
(A place for the crowned) You dream of it, the day you touch the sky
(Breathtaking tightroping) You think you can have it have it in your own imagination
(A place for the crowned) A made-up place, a place that doesn’t exist, the Top

Your eyes have definitely been covered – your thickly goggling eyes are not ordinary
Oh I don’t know, you’re all or nothing, you either win or lose

** (Strong like alcohol) Strong like alcohol, make your throat burn more
(Make your throat burn more) The closer you go, the more you’re trapped
(Strong like alcohol) You just cannot have it, you’re in a trap
(Make your throat burn more) The place you need to be is a place that doesn’t exist, the Top

Why are things so one way or another? It’s either all up or straight down
A certain place, a certain way – that’s not the only way
You’re a pretty butterfly, the fact that you can fly is your treasure
You’re so busy crawling that you still don’t know yourself

* Repeat

** Repeat

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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