F.Cuz – Dreaming I (꿈꾸는 I)

Ever since I was young, though I didn’t have much
I loved the fact that I could sing
Though I dozed off every day in class
Though I was scolded by the teacher
I could dream and that made me the happiest

* Back then, back then, back then I was young
Yes, yes, yes, my heart was like vapor
If only I could hold onto you
If only I could dream
I don’t want to let go of that hand
I never let you go

** Though I don’t have any money, though I don’t have anything
I want to sing, I want to go till the end
Though it’s still hard, though it’s hard to walk
I’ll always overcome for that dream
Dreaming in my star
Dreaming in my star

Believe in your heart

Right now, my heart is boom boom beating
My beating heart is saying something
Telling me to fly higher
Yes, I’m ready – this fly gentleman is going
This dreaming goes out to you
And the future of my passionate heart

* Repeat

** Repeat

Even if it’s hard every time, even if I fail
I will trust myself and get up

Believe in your dreams

Take your hand out of your pocket and raise them up high
You will fly across that sky someday
Lift up your two hands, lift them up high
Because it’s your dream, fly higher
Dreaming in my star
Dreaming in my star

Believe in your dreams

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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