Clover – Pork Soup (돼지 국밥)

Come on let’s go

* I will confess tonight, I want to eat pork soup with you today
Let’s leave for Busan – I’m just going to hold your hand when we sleep, don’t get any ideas

Órale Senorita, the last drink is a Margarita – let’s drink and leave
With me, just the two of us
Should I call the designated driver later? Or take the last train?
Whatever we chose, let’s go – hey girl, why are you playing hard to get?

Oh my, this oppa – why are you so clingy?
Hurry and spit out the kimchi soup in your mouth^
The person with the rice cakes doesn’t even think about that^^
Why are you blowing things up all by yourself

You like it too, you said you wanted pork soup too
That’s right, you said your friend lives in Gwang Ahn Li in Busan
It works out great (works out great)
All we need to do is hurry and go so what’s the worry? (follow me)

I said I wanted pork soup, who said anything about Busan?
(Oh please!) You’re excited all by yourself
Why are you so intense?
You would go to Colombia for a cup of coffee

* Repeat

Hold on, I’m an oppa you know, or an oppa you’re getting to know
It doesn’t matter so let’s go eat pork soup
I’m tired so I can’t go home yet, shall we go play in Busan?
Since we came this far, let’s play la vida loca

Our town sells a lot of pork soup too
Drool, drool, wipe off your drool
What kind of nonsense are you saying?
Do you really want to eat pork soup?

After a long day, let’s put some ground pepper in the pork soup
I have no other thoughts so let’s just hold hands and go
Do you know? I want to eat with you, just the two of us

You’re just an oppa I know who’s interested in something other than pork soup
(Yes) Just pretend you don’t know and let’s go, you’re the one who shouldn’t think of anything else

* Repeat

I want to go to Busan, the sea is calling me
Pepper in my soup and scallions and crushed red pepper (Auntie, a lot of scallions please!)
I want to go to Busan, the soup is calling me
Pepper in my soup and scallions and crushed red pepper (achoo)

So where is this place that you say you know?
(Are you from Busan?) I’m from Daegu (ah whatever)
Where is this soup place (It should be here somewhere)
There are only bars and motels

Since we came a far way, the night is deep already
I’m a bit tired and I want to rest and wash up
Let’s eat tomorrow – I’m so tired that I don’t want the soup anymore
Yes then just as we promised, let’s just hold hands and sleep

* Repeat

Soup, pork soup


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