Phantom – Burning

* I’m burning down tonight, I still hear your voice
I’m burning down my girl, I keep seeing your smile
I’m burning down

First, move out of the way, clean it all up
Or just cut out my heart and take it
I can’t live like this anymore
All the past memories are useless now
Because they aren’t memories but they are great pain to me

The pain remains and eats away at my happiness
Even you can say that my love was very big
I don’t even smoke but my insides are burning

* Repeat

** Someone please help me (I’m burning down down)
It’s a crazy night without you (don’t let me down down)
Please save me from here (I’m burning down down)
This hell-like crazy night  I’m burning down down

My broken heart has burned away, I became a complete bum
I became a complete bum – I don’t remember the last time I properly ate or smiled
There’s no meaning to life now, am I being immature?
I’ve just been blinded by you – doesn’t make sense – we were too young
Maybe I’m crazy please don’t let me down

* Repeat

** Repeat

Everything became a heap of ashes, everything is burnt up
I became a loner again – only you could fill up my heart and life
Now I’m afraid of everything – my heart is not only chilled but numbed as well

Please help me even if it’s a lie
Baby I’m burning down

* Repeat

Please come back again
Save me from here
Can you hear my voice?
I’m burning down


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