Girls Day – Blue Rain 2012 (Original: FIN.K.L.)

2012 One Rainy Day We’re Girl’s Day

Though I know where to go to see you, I can’t go
Because after seeing how unrecognizably thin I got
You might be surprised and get worried

Because I might not be able to keep that promise we made when you were leaving me
Saying that I won’t cry over you

* I can’t erase even the tiniest bit of you or those cruel words that you didn’t mean
I know that you always come and fall asleep next to me

One night when the rain was coldly falling
That night when you were especially flickering in my head
I shook my head, telling myself I shouldn’t do this
But when I got home, like a dream, you were standing there
When I saw you, coldly drenched with rain, my heart hurt
You tell me that if this night passes, you won’t be able to see me again
So you couldn’t do anything but just sit here and waited for me all day

I couldn’t just stay underneath my umbrella anymore
So I hid my flowing tears and went into your embrace

I know that you’re trying to hide the sounds of your cry with the rain
And that on my shoulders isn’t the rain but your tears

If only I can go into your embrace and cry all I want once again
I would go to where you fell asleep and talk endlessly

* Repeat

The rain that falls under the umbrella won’t ever stop

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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