Psy (Feat. Lee Jae Hoon of Cool) – Beautiful Goodbye 2 (아름다운 이별 2)

You’re only getting farther away
I want to hold onto you but it’s not the time or place
I won’t do anything like beg
But no – You’re going away, far away
You might disappear and never come back
Will it work if I kneel down on the ground?
Should I stay up all night here till you return? Why are you going?
Will it be a turn off if I say I’m sad and start to cry?
After I blankly let you go, I just can’t believe it
Is this fool really me right now? My tearing heart has become paralyzed
I secretly eat my tears and they become my food
Dear you…
When did you say yesterday that when tomorrow comes, you’ll be leaving me?
If I knew I had to let you go like this, I would’ve treated you better (treated you better)

* Tears flow and I knew this was goodbye
As I looked at your back, strengthlessly turning away
I know that you’re just as sad as me
But I need to hold it in so the memories will stay beautiful

The moon and the stars of the night sky don’t appeal to me
They don’t shine, I can’t even see them that well
How long must time pass for me to see you again?
Perhaps we will meet again later on
I can’t believe this, I must be crazy
Even in this situation, I’m hungry – I must be crazy
Even after breaking up, I still get hungry
And since I’m eating, I must still be human
You still flicker before my eyes as if I’m watching TV
I wish I could just take a long stretch and easily live without you
But spitefully, you were my life
You were my dream, you were my heaven

* Repeat

Like a flower petal that withers in just one moment
It cools down, it withers
It withers in just one moment, dries up and crumbles
And it scatters in the wind to the sky, oh oh oh

Feeling free, feeling lighthearted
Feeling like I cut off an old lump on my body
But the lump is old and so became a part of my body
And as soon as I cut that lump off, I lost my balance
So I fall down and break down, fall down and break down
I fall down and break down, fall down and break down
Now I can’t walk or stand for the rest of my life
The end.


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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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