Double K (Feat. Bobby Kim) – No Music No Life (2012 MAMA)

My name is Double K for you who don’t know
I spread out from Seoul city to Hong Kong
I’ll seduce you, I’ll seduce you
My voice entices the world
Paris, London, Beijing, New York to Tokyo
It’s my goal to have all those cities use Korean
Focus on me, focus on me
My voice entices the world

If you don’t know me, y’all better check my resume
I speak for the voice of Seoul, South Korea
Life is a party, I am just on my way to celebrate
I won’t lose a single moment, I’ll capture it like a cameraman
Though the back stage of my past is dark
The stage ahead of me is the heaven that shines on me
It wakes me up like the morning sunshine, say good morning to the world
I’ma do it my way
I’ll properly show the real me, to the whole world
Because I don’t know how tomorrow will be, in this song here
I will put my soul into it, I wanna sing like it’s the last time
Trends burst fast and turn off like a flash light
But my masterpiece is like the never extinguishing sun
I’ll make classics rather than hit songs
People’s interests are all about issues, all this gossip
But rather than that, I’ll invest time to myself
God Bless Me

* Are you ready, shout out so it’ll ring across the entire world
I just wanna blow ur mind
Are you ready, shout out louder so it’ll reach the other planets
I will blow your mind

Life comes and goes, flowers bloom and wither
If you get scared, just think that there’s nothing to lose
What’s important is what is beating in your heart right now
Trust that feeling and write down your story
The spotlight is on you on this stage

I’m just tryin to be what I wanna be Cause life is short
Hey I’m just try n reach
My dream so take me far way
I ma gonna go higher

* Repeat

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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