Jay Park (Park Jae Beom) – JOAH


Note: “Joah” means “I like” in Korean :)

Oh baby, I like you so much that you’re driving me crazy
Just thinking about you makes me feel good
This feeling, only you can make me have this feeling
I want to feel it till I die
Stay next to me, I can take care of you, I can take care of you

* I will always look at only you
Without knowing, I just start laughing
Oh baby baby baby baby
I want to shout out loudly

** I like you, I like everything about you
From your head to your toes
Even each of your small actions
I like it all, I like everything about you
If I’m with you, I’m happy
The more time passes, the more I like you
I need you
I pray that I can be with you every day
I can live happily with only you

Break it down now
Come on no no

Ay girl, if I’m with you, each day is so special
Stay with me forever and ever baby please
And girl, even if we’re not meant to be
It’s you without question
You know that I got you
You know that I love you
I’ll always be with you baby

* Repeat

** Repeat

I don’t ever want to be apart
Even when I’m looking at you, I miss you
Always be by my side, my girl
I want you and I need you don’t ever ever leave my side

** Repeat


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