Pharoh (Feat. Red Roc & NADA of Wa$$up) – Domperii

Eenie meenie minie moe
Rock paper scissors (you win)
I’m it, do the wave starting from the left
Party along with the music
Now cash n money
Just follow me
Even the pretty lady follows me
Like honey bee
I got two fists, I won’t ever hide
Top of my head, victory V and two fists
Like put your hands up
It’s losers surrender
This is skill and charm, it’s me
I am your alter ego yo
We’re like a couple for today
Good skin and body proportions
I react to your cherry-like lips
Without anyone knowing, top secret
Our own little game
I be the one, if not, disbelief
Don’t be fake and just keep on rocking
Being flirty, being coy, playing hard to get
Don’t overdo it, come here before I lose interest
A fruit tree on a farm, one shot

Domperii Domperii Domperii Domperii
Domperii Domperii Domperii

Make it toast to the night
I feeling good
In the v.i.p crazy blues
Go on top of the table and do you dance girl
It’s becoming a big deal, blow all away cuz
I ain’t coming down from this atmosphere
So turned up along with the music
Like a rollercoaster
That’s how we roll
There’s no way to stop us
Tonight, we can touch the sky
We’ll dance on top of the clouds, that’s right
Throw it away, throw it away
Don’t need any useless worries
Ride out, there’s no answer, don’t stop
I got you back
In a moment, take off
Don’t rush, move slow
Slowly, high and go low
I’m down on the floor
I move however I want
Play in my zone
Come to me
Workout for me my girl
Till the morning comes, killin it
We still poplin’ bottle don’t stop just feelin it

I’m the rapper of Wassup
N.A.D.A comin’
I use it all up, rap and money
I don’t worry
They need my existence
A red bull to awaken this night
Water on the day after drinking
The fire after you bite down a cigarette
Oh my god, my cup size is C C C
Hey you XXX, whatchu lookin at, look away
You skinny chopsticks
You preschool children, you secretly watch at night
Yeh bitch I’m like porn
Now you realize who I am

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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