15& – Sugar


Sweet whipped cream
And cooled coffee don’t mix
My honey-brushed heart
Is not like your dried up heart
It’s very different
We’re close but far apart

Carefully scoop up a spoonful
And mix it well
Shake up your heart
My dear, open your heart to me
I’m tired of a bitter love

Give me some sugar
Make it fall down white
Ooh ooh ooh
I want to melt your heart
Ooh ooh ooh

Hey boy show me how you shake it

In your silent heart
It’ll spread as if a sugar bomb as exploded
Inside your dark insides
I want to cover it white and be the only one to step on it
Sweetie oh my sweetie
My love is still only bitter

No more than a spoon
Make sure the consistency is good
So it won’t be too sweet
We’re getting sweeter and sweeter
It’s electrifying, two of us
Sprinkle the love

Baby one more time
Baby one more time yeah
You are so sweet
Don’t worry anymore

Kiss me

Imma try to tell you something
My heart is closed to others
But I will give all my heart to you
If you know the truth, it’ll be so sweet
It’ll be sweet like caramel
If you like sweet things
Baby I’m your sugar girl

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