Jay Kidman (feat. Geeks, Tae.1, Crucial Star) – REBOOT

The underground king, a legend
These kinds of declarations always got to me
Some may make fun but my fighting spirit
Becomes my energy to kill my laziness, don’t need redbull
I’ll be honest, my recent actions weren’t that great
If I act rash here, then I’m done
What changes your life is a momentary decision
Making good music, that’s all I want
I just have to release what I want to do, however I want, 100%
Anyway, after a couple months, I snapped out of it, celebrate
Spitting out self-explanations or excuses is too cowardly
I need to really be a better man
I’m young, I can make hundreds of thousands a month
I have a lot of haters but my mixtapes become #1
But I’m throwing away my arrogance that lived in that
I have a lot more to say and I still have a long way to go
I look back at my foolish past
If I throw myself away, no matter how successful I become, I deserve to be beaten by you
But become a better person and come back, bitch
The promise back then still holds
I still lack a lot but you know it
I’m born with it, you know it
A lot of people and businesses try to book me
My fans believe in my music
I’m gonna lay out a straw mat to the majors
But there’s no compromised track in my 1st album to come

Now my rap efforts are so natural
Positively speaking, my AKA is crazy bastard
I’m looking at you from the top ranks, you’re surrounded by zeroes
Even if I don’t react, the fakers grab their shovels and talk big talk
I’m a talkative MC, a clown with many masks
So I tried so hard to sell my music
You’re clear, you’re so clear, your rhymes are so typical
I’m the style to create a song after thinking hard several times
I let go of my baggage on top of the mic
I roll up my sleeves for dirty work
I make it and empty it in my mouth like I’m drunk with music
It’s sad but my beginning wasn’t peaceful
So my heart hasn’t changed at all
It’ll be better to just leave me alone
Who dares to reel me in?
I’m a shark who reels in people
Not reel, swallow
Even if you deceive me, it’s just for a moment
I see your heart again and it’s just decoration

I’m walking like a noble scholar among slaves of money
Run until you stink of sweat, I’ll enjoy the scenery
Putting their behaviors behind me, I’ll operate
To say it again, I control them
Don’t deny it, the sword of this culture has become blunt
But I sharpened it with one try, something like Kendrick Lamar
Everyone was soft but now it’s a bit different
And the #1 track on the chart is Picasso
Most rappers have blood running upside down
But to me, I saw a ray of hope
To tell you about my situation
My girlfriend’s friend’s boyfriend
Wouldn’t hesitate to tell you to follow me
Actually, I don’t really listen, I just always smile
I remember when even my company was looking down on me
But now I’m changing my company’s color
Can you understand these thoughts and actions?
This is different from the mainstream taste, a true loner
An outsider but at the same time, the center of this culture
I’m getting ready to climb to the top
Maybe it’ll be me, who you been waiting for
Maybe you might look for me after I’m gone
I’ve received the baton
With respect, I offer my youth

Some say that certain beats are hip-hop
Those bastards just sell emotions as music and that’s fake man
Maybe if I do it, I wouldn’t do it like that
Because hip-hop has always been macho, damn
All the crying songs in my iPhone, I’m gonna erase
They treat girls like crap, bitch ass
Like in the American hop-hop songs, I got wifey, girlfriend, mistress
Well fuck dat, I’m always honest in my lyrics
I won’t be colored with fakeness, I’m my own clock, I’m waterproof
Different from followers of poor traps
I make it Dali Van Picasso, with a heart of an artist
My dream is that Korea’s hip-hop pie will grow but nobody’s Einstein
Everyone keeps fighting but what’s clear is some other company’s cypher
Rapper against rapper, label against label
I received the challenge, it’s time to repay you
The air has changed and some may not handle this fighting spirit
I’m sorry but you just enter the grand line
Now my mask is slipping off
The weak waves grow strong again
Man we back again, this time, with a changing hack, again wassup

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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