TaeTiSeo (Girls’ Generation) – Stay

The melody of the wind is scattered all over the blue sky
The ocean is so clear that I can see my feet
When I look at you, it’s dazzling as if it’s a dream
You plant a surprise kiss on my cheek and smile

Your excited voice over the meteor shower was so cute
I’ll give you some fireworks, right now

Stay, in the sun, stay, let’s play in the waves
Stay, like paradise frozen in time
Stay, in your trembling eyes, stay, in the rising love
Stay, stay by my side, just like now

The beautiful scenery that you like
Summer time fireworks on the beach with me
Just thinking about it makes me happy, my heart races, wow
Wherever, let’s go go go, wherever our hearts take us
You know it! So let me see you show it!

We’re so excited about the rain shower that blesses our youthful days
We raise up our sweet glasses and yell shouts of joy

The times that we dreamed about are so beautiful

Stay, bright summer, stay, each shining moment
Stay, I’ll cherish it in my heart

Stay, in the sun
Stay, under the blue moonlight
Stay, like an endless promise
Stay, in your trembling eyes
Stay, in the rising love
Stay, stay by my side, just like now

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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