ROO – Reason (Bad Guys OST)

The reason I have to come out to the world again
Days that hid behind thick clouds
Like time has stopped in the solitude of a dark day

Pain and scars are like nothing
Though I can’t believe in the fate that has my everything
I’m just sad that time won’t allow it

In the unstoppable days, when I coldly threw myself, when I started again
Even the past pain that left behind sadness, I’ll throw it out (I don’t wanna stop that)

In my endless days, in the hidden lies, the truth broke apart
So I won’t fall asleep, so I won’t be sadder, so I won’t break down (I don’t wanna stop that)
I can’t let go like this

When the pounding pounds on my heart
My steps are running a bit quicker
Fear and anger, fate and destiny, it’s a game of difficult choices

Where is this place? Where am I going?
When will this loneliness end?
I’ve gotten used to the hardships of life, my steps have worn out

I stay up all night
Again today, one more try

Take one last breath, turn around, turn around

Pick up your heavy body
Again today, one more try
turn around turn around turn around

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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