Amber (f(x)) – Heights

I lost my wings, I turn around but it’s not there
Spinning in circles, lost on this path, slowly getting tired

So remind me (remind me) remind me (remind me)
My past that was trapped in a complex maze
That was just to prepare for the future, yeah

Don’t stop, turn back the stopped clock
Stepped out of the box, finding my lost self, yeah yeah yeah

Here I go, I can’t stop, here I go
I’m starting inside a place where there is no beginning or end
So here I go, don’t hesitate, have faith
So here I go, fulfill the dreams you want, climb higher up there

Close your eyes and feel it, the blue whistles in the sky
Sometimes, look below, everything looks like a puzzle

So remind me (remember) remind me (so you can shine more)
The world gets cloudy then sunny, just like the seasons
The light spreads above the white clouds, yeah

Sometimes, I get scared too, the rain covers my eyes like a tunnel
But in the end, the sun always rises at the same place, yeah

Look for a new world, always have new dreams
Wherever you go, it’s okay, be free like the light

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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