Takers (feat. Nada of Wa$$sup, Jung Yoo Jin, Seo Paul) – What About You

What about you
What about you ma boy

How did we become like this? I can’t believe it
Listen to me and stop crying like that
I don’t know what to say first but
You know me better than anyone, stop looking at me like that

I keep saying the same things, making the same face
No matter how hard I try, I can’t, leave me now

From your heart, from your memories
Erase all of me
From my heart, from my memories
I can erase you
What about you
What about you

When I first saw you, I said I wouldn’t let go of your hands
You can curse at me, because I flung them away, because I left you
I know you’ll meet a better guy than me
I’m not confident and I know I’ll fall down endlessly like dominoes
But I’ll still hold it in, though I’m so used to having you around
All the memories filled with your scent
Now I’ll erase it all
Even if I call you when I’m drunk, just ignore me
Stop crying, your face is getting puffy
I can’t wipe away your tears, go away

Seeing you turn around makes my heart weak again
But I need to erase you, what can I do?

From your heart, from your memories
Erase all of me
From my heart, from my memories
I can erase you
What about you
What about you

Don’t lie, you can’t look into my eyes
You’re crying right now because it hurts so much
Tell me once again, why are you leaving me? It doesn’t make sense
Oh ma little sunshine, how can I leave you? Oh ma boy

yeah yeah
Why are you lying? Why are you making things hard?
He got me up all night
So i gotta make the song cry
You used to run toward me but why are you against me now? Up and down1
If you really wanna let me go, get mad at me, but until the end, you’re doing this for me
Why are you sorry? Why are we stopping?
I can’t easily take my heart off from being stuck on you, ain’t no sticker
We used to be one so if you wanna take us apart, be cruel and break us in half
I’ve known you for so long, you think I won’t know you?
You said you’re gonna erase me but I see tears
Stop lying, no lie, stop being two-faced
I have no will to live without you, who is my everything
You’ll probably suffer more so hold onto me right now, I’m gone

Remember me
Don’t forget how I loved you. please
I’ll remember you
I won’t forget how you looked at me
What about you, it’s all a lie
What about you, it’s all a lie

1 Word play: The end of a question can be read “hani” which is the name of an EXID member, hence the “Up and Down” reference. This line also sets up the rhyme for the next line

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