InnoVator, Incredivle, Superbee – OG (Be Original) Show Me The Money 4

Whenever, whenever yeah I keep it G
I’ll fry these rappers like fish & chips
Till your teeth turn gold, take that
Yo fake ass, my beat isn’t laid back, it’s Maybach
My name is Superbee, shine like the moon
My future is dazzling, fortune tellers go blind
If I have a mic then I’mma champion
You know what I mean? The victory is fucking mine
+82! +82! +82!
If music is a guy’s thing, the choice beat is baby boom
When you think of me, what time is it?
It’s my time to shine, everyone will go blind
Fuck, if you look down on me, you’ll get hurt
My skills are like a sink, water’s rising1
YG! Hold on, gather here
You’re like Infinity Challenge, can’t see Gil (the road)

OG You know we born to be
Be original
OG You know we born to
Be original OG
OG You know we born to be
Be original
OG You know we born to
Be original

Incredivle this is just a sound of awe
Fighting instincts, got a feeling
Close your eyes and feel it with your ears, this trendy untrendiness
Besides us, everyone a pussy

Lowering my voice in front of these babies
My pride is baritone, don’t compare me with your boyfriend
Hurry and check my source and vibe

An MC living in Korea but never got a feeling
Superstar on my feet, I walk like a thug
A celebrity at 23? My potential’s about to explode now

All flow becomes pitiful in front of me
Everything I say becomes obscenity
Fighting for peace
When one one recognizes me, then fuck you

OG You know we born to be
Be original
OG You know we born to
Be original YG
OG You know we born to be
Be original
OG You know we born to
Be original

Friends tell me, you’re original
You don’t fit with those idiots
Do I look like I’m having hard time fitting in?
Just play with them for a bit, just make sure you rip em up

Even if you do well, you’re basic
I’m glad I’m only facing fucking losers
Pow pow, I see blood
I’ll rip up the speakers amigos

So they call me, the only one
I’m different from your friends
I’ll take my spot in this competition
My younger sis can steal from older guys, yes she’s a madam
Then what about me? Just don’t fuck around
Innovator, just like my name I don’t mix with you
I’ll put everything I have to say in my lyrics
I’ll chop up some meat and savagely eat it
If you bother me when I’m eating, I’ll kill you
Bang bang i gon be killing you all ah!

1 slang for “looks good”

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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