GOT7 – Home Run

Your mysterious signal
Missed it, makes me take empty swings
Ooh­ooh baby Ooh­ooh baby
I don’t know where this’ll go, you’re hard like a curveball

Ooh­ooh baby Ooh­ooh baby
All of my senses have come to life, I’m sensitive
Because I’m worried that you won’t accept me
I focus all my mind on every word you say
One last chance, it’s all sweat on my hands and feet

1, 2, strike, if I lose you then it’s game over
I look for chances of a free spot
An electrifying feeling has come
It’s alright, I see your heart coming over to me
Oh yes, from now on, you’re my girl
You’re falling for me

Home Run, Home Run
This is my heart for you, this is my answer
Please reward me for my efforts
You and I, it feels like a dream, it feels perfect, feel so fly
I started to enter your strike zone
I don’t care about the cheerleaders over there, I only see you

I’m not afraid of being out now
I’ll tell you straight up, I want you, be my babe
It took me a while to go to you
I was careful to not make things awkward
Should I react to your jokes?
Or should I act indifferent and wait for your next sign?
The endless war of nerves is now over
If you’re a man, the answer is a frontal attack
An ace you can date, that’s me
I’ll treasure you, you’re my greatest trophy
My shoulders shoot up, I’m showing you off
There’s no need to go against each other now

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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