Beenzino – Time Travel

One day, Shin Dong Min asked me
“What if you could close your eyes
And transport back to 2004
And you were sleeping on the school bus
Then you woke up and transported back to 2014
And you had all those memories in your head
And you saw me in the school hallway
What would you say?”

Fuck it, just keep doing what you’re doing and trust me
It might be shitty but gotta keep going
Get rid of your greed and just don’t come in last
Colleges will want us even if we can’t get in on the first try
Don’t be scared
It might sound like a lie but we’re gonna go on vacation
More fun than our school trips and our friendship won’t change
man we gotta keep going,
man we gotta keep drawing

Then I’m in the bathroom
I took out a cigarette and bit on it
At that moment, teacher Shin Chang Soo enters
Why did I forget this?
In a bathroom filled with cigarette smoke
He gave me an earful
Then my mom was sitting in the classroom
Can I change that scene?
After school, I’d go to Kim Han Joon’s house
Because of the New Jack concert next week
I’m stressed out about all these things
Our seniors always called us out
Saying that our song’s always had the same theme
They said you can’t rap without talking about girls
But he was right, we did it for the ladies

Fuck it, just tell them to keep chitchatting
It might be shitty but gotta keep flowing
We gotta keep going man
We want pretty girls, not hairy hyungs
Fuck it, just trust me and make a hook
No one can beat a good hook, I know it yeah
Tell them hyungs, don’t hate already
Cuz after a few years, you can’t touch my songs

In the $5 concerts
There’s 1 free drink
Give it to my friends who came to see me
It’s not cuz they’re thirsty
Cuz I wanted them to hold something in their awkward hands
When everyone feels so awkward
There’s one free drink, thank goodness
There’s one free drink, thank goodness
There’s one free drink, thank goodness
When everyone feels so awkward
There’s one free drink, thank goodness

Wait a minute
let me explain it to yall
but yall not gon believe it
I’m rapping like I came from the future
All these rappers you’re giving respect
They might be flying high right now
But it’ll be different 10 years later
Of course, everyone’s treating me like a crazy bastard
Fuck you too like chino
I’m gonna be a guy who girls compliment even when I just cough
You all are gonna feel the sin of not recognizing me
I wanna do music that’s timeless
In English, it’s timeless
I don’t wanna be like others
I choose to be different
I don’t wanna just rest
My DNA makes me tired
So I’ll go back in time and tell myself
You are crazy and thank goodness for that
You gotta keep going man just like that
Wait a minute
Time Travel!

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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