Hwang Ah Young – Don't Cry

Do you know?
My heart for you
Since a long time ago
It feels unfamiliar

For a long time
You only looked at me
But you got farther away
There is a reason

Say we’re nothing
There’s nothing strange about that
Even if I seem fine
I know everything

The love that made my heart flutter
Has easily changed
Like my pained heart
I hope you will be trapped

Don’t cry
Is this it?
Even if I cry and cry out of longing
Even if you come back
I don’t like it anymore

This foolish love
Now I’ll let it go
Each day with you
We get farther apart, we only fight

I got too used to you
I hated myself for that
Every time you made me feel alone
That’s when my heart started to close

Don’t cry
Is this it?
Even if I cry and cry out of longing

I didn’t know how to break up
I’m a fool
Only you, only you

It hurts but now, goodbye
You only gave me scars
The once strong love is leaving

Don’t cry
This is it
Let’s break up now

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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