Giriboy & Junggigo – Days of Disturbance (소란했던 시절에)

Do you remember?
Have you forgotten everything?
On rainy days
I think of you

I’m thinking of you
Even the littlest things
Because of all the crazy things that happened
It feels empty now
Memories have grown too big
I can’t place them in this heartache
My head is emptying
It’s gotten stupid
Such a typical situation
Crying and sobbing and making a mess
Please pick up the phone
Even to the end, I was so loud
Even to the end, I was so loud

Even if our past days
Disappear slowly
We can’t turn things back
I know this too well
I can’t throw away
A single moment of our memories
So I’m still wandering
Inside our memories

I thought about it for a while
About our days
Our past days that stood against all that noise
I’ve never heard that kind of sound from you
I was scared so I covered my ears
Wherever you are, be well
Take care of your body
I’m alright
This sounds like I’m being really careful
Our memories are like a puzzle
It’s broken into pieces
You took those
Where are you and what are you doing?
I stuffed all of that away
In this room only filled with silence
Strange feelings are entering
Like I’m some poor tragic character
What kinds of noises are filling up there?
Your life that only I’m excluded from
How far have you gone?
You went as far as you could
You can’t come back
You only left me behind
And now I don’t have you
After I lost everything
I’m only living with the memories

The scattered memories
And my heart that is in pieces
Bring you to me, too little too late
As if it’ll reach my hands
Those moments are colored with regret
But I can’t throw them out
So I’m still lost in the memories
In those noisy times
Your name is there

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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