Sechskies – Reckless Love (무모한 사랑)

I already knew
That your love that gave you such a hard time
Will end like this

At first, whatever it took
I wanted to stop you
But you looked so happy
So I couldn’t

Your smile was prettier than anyone else’s
But it disappeared at some point
So I felt that it was over

I waited for your goodbye
For your love to end
Your love that I believed so much
I waited for it to become a cruel goodbye
I hope you know what true love is
Your love that will protect you till the end
It’s me

Do you still miss me a lot?
Do you still have feelings for me?
Whenever I see the pale you
My heart is about to rip

Just because I try to stop you
You won’t turn around so try me
Until then, for you
I will wait right here

Next to you, who is filled with scars
I was your warm comfort
I warmly embraced
Your tired love

More than anyone else
I wanted to be precious to you
I really hoped I would be
Your last love

To you, who has fallen asleep without knowing anything
When will I be able to show you
The hidden love in my lips?

I waited to erase
Your painful past
That’s how my love is complete
Can you accept that?
I’m gonna wait, until always
Until I am filled inside of you
But I’m still happy right now
Because I’m by your side


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