LIVE (ft. Kim Hyo Eun, G2, Dumbfoundead) – Please


anchor messi!
anchor messi!
Forever LIVE

Imma keep it straight one hunna
(one hunnit)
Rappers, go find a different job
Hey, don’t say you’re from Korea
Your mouths are ruining this country
ugh, you still have a long way to go like eeeeh
uhhhh dont want collabo no
mmm no I won’t give you my number
Real people hear me and call me right away brrrr
Your girlfriend’s taking it off, it’s dangerous
cause I got that “fancy” flow
She’s shaking my genital
she wanna “make it rain”
Why? “flava 100% natural”
“high ground” underground
All eyes on me cause I’m “credible”
“ye – G.O.O.D MUSIC”
Busy making it
It’s not for the money
do it for the passion
look this is education
If someone asks, “who’s the best?”
“Eung” might be your answer
Cmon man, Please?

These guys are jealous of me
Now I’m only drinking at quiet places
Your pride is bruised cuz of me
You say hi with a smile
When we meet again next time
You’ll see how I’m living an unbelievable life
Another album’s coming out
I was gonna spend some time with my girl
But I keep getting more work
Please leave me alone
I’m writing lyrics with a few drinks in me
Got a call from Dabin
Honestly, I’m so thankful to that friend
For asking me to do this
We’re teasing you for real
Can’t even come up to us to take pix
Cuz people start dangerously crowding around us
Morals and expensive BBQ places
I don’t know who you are
Bastards who talked shit about me behind my back
Now they call me but I’m ignoring them all


Please don’t say you know me
Rappers who say they’re the best
Where they all go? Fools
Don’t play around
I might headbutt you all
Go away, make some distance
Only positive vibes in my zone
Homie, hurry and quit it
I’m the favorite rapper of the rappers you like
When I’m going on a high level, you’re just stuck there
Like a broken elevator
I’m busy looking after my own
So of course I can’t look after you
One life to live, gotta be selfish
That’s the charm of life
One life 2 live
Stop obsessing over useless stuff and be quiett


Please please
why you always hatin?
See me on street
there might be an altercation,
only Korean-Americans doing features
on like every compilation,
I’m a dummy, you’re stupid
Never needed Korean School

I said Please Please
Please give it a try
I been payin dues for years
Please, you try
You can do any style but
bitch i could do it better,
Get your girlfriend wetter,
Like we took your girl to everland

I never Talk to the police,
That’s a little lesson y’all
can learn out in the east
got homies out in Seoul
servin 25 for weed
Mind your own business, I’m just making money

don’t do it, please don’t do it
Just don’t do it, Don’t pursue it
This is grown folk bidness
man we do this independent
Unlike you, I don’t need it
but you bitches always beggin like


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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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