MIII – I Miss You (The Perfect Wife OST)

Countless times that have passed me
If I come across them again, what would it be like?
Will I walk on the same path?
Will I choose a different one?
Where will my heart look?

In my heart, in my memories
Many stories still breathe

I miss you
My dazzling past
I miss you
Even if things can’t be the same
When I open my eyes
I will call myself
With a smile
Can’t I live those days again?

Sometimes, I feel like I have the world
But when I open my eyes, I’m alone again
Some day, the clouds will disappear
And light will greet me
So let’s not forget to smile

Because I’m so tired, because it hurts so much
Will I pass the point of my heart fluttering?

I miss you
My dazzling past
I miss you
Even if things can’t be the same
My heart is still hotter than anyone else
I’m telling my heart

Unknown tears that are falling
Now please leave me

I miss you
My heart is still racing
I miss you
They tell me nothing stays the same
But I’ve came here without rest
To my past, I’ll tell you I love you
Just like always

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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