Dok2 (ft. Beenzino, Changmo, Kim Hyo Eun, Hash Swan, The Quiett) – Ambition and Vision

Always looked at ambition, looked ahead
Only dreamed of this day
But when I finally was in it, goosebumps on my body
Goosebumps don’t lie
goose bumps don’t lie
goose bumps
Not even sleep could stop me
I gave up on sleeping
That’s how I came here
Look at my cup
Look at the foam, that’s their reputation
but i feel so alive
I can’t disappear
my life is now, right now

A young Tony Montana from the outskirts of Seoul
Always used to wear old clothes but now I shine with expensive ones
As if I always did
My mother told me to become a gentleman when I was younger
And I did
After seeing a Rolls Royce Phantom, I learned this lesson
We can do it, fellow civilian brothers
Even if water splashes on me when I walk on the street
I don’t avoid it, I just buy new Force 1’s
It’s been ten years since I wrote my first rhyme
I felt it at age 19, I have to make money
It’s been ten years and now I’m talking about cars with CEOs
I can’t stop, I’m breathing heavy
You know how much I drank when things were hard
I can’t stop, I can’t stop
I’ve been looking forward to this moment
Escape the gutta

A part of the ocean that isn’t like a crashing wave
Now I know how that feels
It’s nothing like anyone has told me
Are you alright? Of course I’m alright
As I endured through the rain and wind
I’m gonna be the roof of this household
Illi with ambition
But I’ve been raising tiger cubs
I know they like my passion too
Yo but setting aside my passion, this is so ironic
You don’t like me but you wanna be like me
All the passing girls wanna put me on them
Did I get too big or is your plate too small?
I’m still hungry so your plate is small right?
The inside of your head is like a beggar, right?
What you think is what you get dude
No lies, my words always have a point
Go over there, next to Illi

See young boi with neon
White crayon coloring my room with the color of smoke
Don’t need to throw it away, I’m still going through a young artist struggle
Just money, fame, ambition Clear
From Mangwon to a studio in Yeouido
An ape that is colored with white
Or spray white
Some people get jealous
fuck ur late night
It’s never comin’ back that’s why I do errtime
I don’t need a fuckin’ comma
Rappers fall into a coma
My name is in LED in concert
I need some more time
I need Jarvis, too many things on my schedule that I can’t remember
At the age of 24, new 11 diamonds
Next is an apartment for my mom
Then the Galleria will feel like Daiso
I’m gonna make all this happen
Till I inherit Zino’s Camo

Life is always imperfect
Again today, we’re standing at the starting line
The destination is always clear
Those who doubt, fuck y’all
I’m gonna make money till I think it’s enough
ambition musik kids i make em rich
get ready for tomorrow, now it’s your turn
Reality, money, future, don’t worry about it
6 years straight we’re dope
we the fuckin greatest of all times
From no name to brand name, everything brand new
For all you other guys, it’s bad news
Every year, the company revenue goes up
We never took out a loan
young, rich & famous so blessed too
young, rich & famous so blessed too

We saw what you can’t see
Blinded with success, we never turned back
Those high hills became Beverly Ills
Made some money with Hyoeun at Beverly Hills
From Doduk Mountain, the six of us have swiss made on our wrists
That’s the sweetpstake of rappers with ambition
Fountain of life, Korean beef
No international steak
Whether it’s a single or an album, EP or a mixtape
Whatever comes my way, till you all shut up
If you don’t shut up, I’ll do this till you get pissed off
We won’t compromise, till you come and face us
Fuck em, tired of power trips, we’re crazy poets
we gettin it
No bitchin no switchin
The switch of victory is always brightly shining
young rich and fuckin famous dope ill sick
we got it non believers they been doubted
Welcome to the winners
circle motha fuckas aint invited whoa
Get ur illionaire signs up
Everything’s different here, even the air
Everything you imagine becomes reality here
Bition boys, dreams become reality
Can’t say we’re wrong just cuz we’re different
It’s easy living in the status quo but I can’t do it
Seoul city what it doin
What the fuck is up Ilionaire
ambition lets show em how we do it

Ambition and vision
Yeah we in it for life
Ambition and vision
Yeah we in it for life

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