Dumbfounded (ft. Dok2, Myk, Rakaa, Mithra Jin, Tablo, Bizzy, Sean Rhee, Tiger JK) – Respect 16's

Seoul to Los Angeles, Korea to USA
On an airplane, always stay high
Stay fly-ah-ah-ah-ah like 3 6 mafia
Please don’t get it twisted
I’m not Crown J, it’s what I wanna do
Lot of you fake cats, stop crying
Im a big dog, biting on your long tail
Who the man now? Uh Ask about it
The rhyme I spit out is a veteran bout to make money
A black belt to teach you rhymin, my tae kwon do flow
Rhymin, my tae kwon do flow
Fakers go, reals come
It’s easy to break apart you when you attack me
This is dribbling the Korean script like Gaeko’s flow
Mother fuckers ain’t listening
I’m right here so you can go do your celebrity biz
I won’t talk, you do it for me
You come on TV but your cash is empty
I’m a big dog, I told you I be shitting on em

Back on my shit,
some of you haters will second guess me
But I don’t really trip,
the game has been cheated
for sake of making hits
The rules have been broken,
I’m just trying to get my fix like
hip hop addict, yeah i gots to have it
Something like a wonder, I’m a microphone savage
To keep from going under,
try to overcome the madness
Posted in the addict, looking for the rabbit
Like alice, I must be lost on another planet
Gripping my microphone, like weapon
So my hands are callused
Ready to fight, keeping my guard up
I’m in the gym cause Dumb
told me get my bars up
That’s why my brother
Dumb told me to do
So this is what I got, now
let me just move it for you
When I’m sitting back,
listening to dumb
Or smiling as my brother kill em all
To make em run

Hear a scream in the morning
But not a dream
My tearing scar is apple colored cream
If this is a dribble, it’s succeeding you
Away game, trip you
I came from Korea, protect your bodies
If you sit and watch, you’ll get hurt
This is a den of dogs
Poison on my teeth, who should I target next
Don’t close your eyes, just feel it
Like raising a sail that was washed away by waves
You’re wrong in anything you do, you’ll get buried
100% of my skill, nobody can miss me
Skills similar to the black guys whose already been proved
Selfish magical flow, size of a dinosaur
Don’t need to contribute this month’s loot
But the MC’s c-ba is my biscuits
I hate this but if it’s not me, then who?
You can try to pick on me
But my shoes already trample on you
You can whisper about me but you’re just a pawn
I’m the last pitcher that keeps striking out

Eyes, three
If you can see what i see
Life’s like a consecutive triple feature to me
I style free, I spit graphic imagery
Or jazz calligraphy
when i write history on the mic
Victory is in sight
Scared visually
Ice in my veins when i strike,
you bare viciously
Rakaa plans meticulously
They Move mathematically,
precisely, then religiously
I dissect her with a lessons of park
I see exclamation marks
bent into question marks
And vice versa
I might be a nice person
Maybe your worst nightmare
Maybe your eye surgeon,
When i zero in, I’m on
Bbq is the boss,
the workers are banchan
CA all day LA sound
Check the pyramid city then
dinner in Ktown

We’re the behind of scenes of history
Everyone mind your own business
Tree-like eyes, zippers on lips
In this indifferent world
Fireworks explode from my lips, lighting a fire
Kiss me, my complicated life is like a witch
No like a rough sketch of an angry beast
It’ll be easy to tame me
Cuz I wanna rest assured at the shouts that I spit out
First, I was Top 100
Even if I can’t be Top 10
I wanna be number 1 (got damn)
In the Korean underground
Saw a light on the opposite side of the oppression
Past results are yesterday’s glory
Already preparing for the next season
Trust Epik High, acting all busy
The lost bird spreads its wings again
2011 comeback

It all began with a bait
Cooled it out ben n jerry’s
Down to LA wildin out serengeti
Hit Seattle, the rattle made the needle weave
Took a bite of the big apple like even steve
We killed it, from U.S. to Korean tours
Got them hands up like Delorean doors
The walls world wide boast epik high posters
Making other rappers cd become coasters
From k-popers, to special k poppers,
e droppers, hip hoppers
everybody cop us, oh god help us
We becoming a plague, everybody
saying run run run away
Asking us to be humble, try telling
wide receivers in the end
zone to gracefully fumble
We’ve already touched down,
let’s celebrate packers super bowl
Take a hit levitate

It’s LA to Seoul dog and this is a roll call
I live by my own laws, a rebel with no cause
Assemble my road dogs, with a single phone call
The Movement in korea to the
Project Blowed y’all
I’m a warrior, been in K-town since the riots
This rhymin shit is easy,
got it down to a simple science
When you pouring me drinks,
you better use two hands
Imma spit it in two languages
just because i can
My name is Dumb, I pierce tongues
No cracks in between, you touch me you die
You can try but I’ll win
You never knew I could spit it in Korean
But I can rap in Korea, cuz it’s easy
It’s a language called rhythm
If you feeling me now,
then say my name (Dumbfoundead)

I get sick and tired of one two
Now sip on some soju
Lean on the music, to the to the beat
Hum and mumble all day
I kept it to myself
They told me not to say it so I didn’t
Even when you’re counting the syllables
Bizzy gettin busy yeah I’m back with a track
This is just a little shout out to Dumbfoundead
I’m from the land where everything is new
Got funky accent to test my censors?
I’m not trying to brag but we all who got blessed
this microphone is hot
before you get hurt
You better walk away (eyyyyy)

Many people fear success
But most of those people can’t admit it
So many things to sacrifice at the end of many efforts
I have too much but I can’t give anything up
Once again, I’m microphone check
I can’t give up my dreams
But too much drinking and
smoking got me fucked up all day
All the time i had in the world,
why did i throw it away
That’s how I threw away my empty twenties
Now they’re afraid of me, but I just wanna rap
What can you do? It’s embarrassing to say
But what do I do, hip-hop chose me
I like riding flows more than good cars
But so many things to be responsible for
Doing things I shouldn’t anymore
With that pressure, I hold the microphone harder
Spit my name Sean Rhee
I’m not afraid anymore

I parade with them gays in west LA
And marched with them,
and fight for their ways
And their right to be legal,
as we consider some evils,
Medicinal for people,
hypocrisy in politics
I know you can see through
Like badu badu window seat
I know you can see too
If you’re holding up the Bible
Then I know you can read too
But linin up they lyin to you
Take money designed to get you broke
and even buy you to sell em right back to
your sons and daughters
Spit tactics and
horrors to collect last quarters
So rich get richer and poor
get poorer (ha ha ha)
Still a long way to go, I’m walking alone
Brushing off each moment as I look at the sky

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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