Roy Kim & Kim Sun Jae – I’m Gonna Lose To You (너에겐 져버릴 거야)

My heart is pounding like something good’s gonna happen
All day, I’m laughing and hanging with friends
But like the late afternoon, I feel tired
Whenever I think of you, I get frustrated, I wanna cry

Should I tell you I love you?
How you scrunch your nose when you smile
I never took courage to tell you
But I like that face so much

I wanna lose to you
I’m just gonna lose to you
I don’t wanna think anymore
I just wanna be in love
You too?

Wait over there for a bit
This isn’t what you think
I wanna be a perfect guy but it’s not easy
It’s true that my head is only filled with your thoughts
When I met that other girl, it’s cuz she bought me coffee

When my heart pounds, it’s only when I’m with you
When her heart pounded, it was only cuz the movie was scary
The sun set but the night is a good time to confess
I’m a guy who can light up the night for you

Even though I cowardly avoided you
I like everything about you

I wanna lose to you
I’m just gonna lose to you
Actually, I want you to be like that too
I can’t just have you be next to someone else
Only look at me

I’m gonna close
Will you only love me forever?
So I won’t look at other girls
So I won’t be able to do anything without you
Only look at me


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