Im Si Wan – My Heart Is (내 마음은) The King in Love OST

You are slowly coming to me
With a smile
But I couldn’t say anything
And I just looked

From a place so faraway that you can’t even feel it
I was standing there, all alone
Drawing you out without anyone knowing

My heart is going to you a little
I want to close my eyes and take another step
I want to touch your eyes that look at me

I’m still clumsy and awkward
But I want to be honest and just show you

So you an always find me
I’m slowly being colored
I’m drawing myself with your color
I’m writing you in my heart all day
So I can find my hidden heart

The times I was alone
Now fill my empty heart with you
I’ll be brave and tell you my hidden heart

Without knowing, I’m calling out to you
My heart is beating toward you
I want to go to you, hold you and kiss you
My eyes that looked at you
I want to give them to you


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