Woo Won Jae (ft. Bizzy) – MOVE (Show Me The Money 6)

Woo got the 90’s vibe, everyone stop the wave
And quit the past trends
I’m gonna do all the things you’ve ever seen or heard of, so shut up
Now for the twist

Musicians who know less music than the kids who go to the clubs every week
Tell them to line up in front of me, fall back
You, who majored in rationalizing me by saying I’m all luck
You’re the wrong amateur who will get ruined

That’s how it is, a small group swallows the whole
Accept it? Why don’t all you geezers go ahead and do that
I’m different and I’m the same, I’ll smile for the first time in a while
Like the name of this song, good life, for a moment

Talks haven’t been made with me yet
They don’t even know how to be truthful with their own emotions
Criticizing to help their vanity
That’s all you have and to you, I’m a beanie sporting Seo Taiji

Hip to the hibidihop? You still share that?
Your belly button is bigger than your belly
Kids who do rap that’s not even music go zero
So my account is so easily full

Hey, I can put my name on the line
But what the heck did you bet for you to be so light?
Since when do uncool rappers get counted as rappers?
And you go and diss idols?
Dissing busking rappers?
In my eyes, you’re all the same

There’s no respect
I haven’t changed at all
But suddenly, Drunken n Bizzy’s history is my hyung
I remember Black Nine, Sol, Maniac and P-Type
We the Suicide
But they’re the only ones who died

I’ll fill it up, one shots
Glass up, come on
Above your head, come on
Cheers to my world yo
everybody come on
It’s a party for us, one shots
Glass up, come on
Above your head, come on
Cheers to my world yo
everybody come on

This place is dirty
Just four months ago, I was treated like a dog
But now you’re bowing to me
TV is so scary, after rapping a bit
Seeing how thick beanies are selling in the middle of summer
There’s no end to greed
My goal was to pass the fire pit
But now I want the win
Guess living is hard these days
Just like Woo Won Jae is right in front of you

Hiphop that I know, what I felt before
Emotions that the music and melody gave to my body
I’m keeping it going, I know it’s up to me
But I was out of it for a while
But it feels empty, feels like I lost something
Feels like I’m the only one depressed
In the end, I’m the only one worrying, only one stubborn
Obsessing over the past, ruining my image
Rain falling periodically in my heart
Burying all the precious memories
Naturally, my actions speak louder
I do this for my people and my sentimental reason

Yeah my sentimental reason
Yeah my sentimental vision, lyrics
And bizzy’s deep faith
Never went awry, never moved out of the way

Those Hongdae fashion reps that think they’re hot shit wherever they go
I hated seeing their fake cool walks
I’m gonna end all that fake swag
Hybrid traps I created with just a slight look
Then they say it’s too non-mainstream?
Well, he doesn’t really know anything, right?

Wrap it up, shh
Your philosophy depends on the person
Your standards and attitude are picky and stubborn
The top is the highest, below is the bottom
Then what’s below the bottom?

They all say, just accept it
If you wanna make money, for your family

But I have to change this
Money is money but this is for my family

Rationalization, surrender, compromise
This is the problem of the modern ages

Hierarchy, bias, discrimination
Who can be so confident in these?

They say people see you for how much you know
Where is a person who looks as humble as they don’t know?

They say he can’t rap without talking about pills and his mom
Yea and they say he raps but he doesn’t think

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