10cm – Hotel Room

With my entire savings, I prepared this for you
Be excited for tonight
In my hotel room

My heart pounded since the morning
Hoping it’ll be 3PM soon
I hope you like this place
In my hotel room

Even without touching the curtains on the window
When you see the night sky
Even if you’re not amazed, act like you are with a smile
Even if I act like a loser
Not wanting to mess up the white sheets and pillows
Don’t be disappointed and just hug me
On the door, Please Do Not Disturb

The night grows deeper and we have a lot to do
I hope you like everything
In my hotel room

Dishes I’ve never heard of before on the menu
After you’ve slowly read them
Don’t be timid, order what you want
All of the beers lined up in the fridge
If they keep calling out to you
Don’t worry about me and just take them out
Even if the prices are crazy

The night is growing deeper and the blankets feel cozy
I hope tonight will be even more beautiful

I hope everything remains in your heart, hotel room
If only we can live here forever, hotel room
If I can greet the morning with you, hotel room
Time is too fast, it’s getting bright already, hotel room
Open your eyes ,it’s morning
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